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How will my order be delivered to me?

We believe in delivering your digital purchases in the most convenient and efficient way possible. That's why we offer direct download options for eBooks, audio books, donations, and gift certificates. eBooks and audio books can be downloaded instantly after purchase, allowing you to start reading or listening right away. Donations to your favorite causes can also be made with just a few clicks. Simply choose the amount you wish to donate, and make your payment. Your donation will be processed securely, and you'll receive a receipt for your records. Gift certificates are also available for purchase and can be sent directly to the recipient's email. Choose from a variety of denominations, add a personal message, and let us handle the rest. The recipient can then use the gift certificate to make their own purchases on our website. We are committed to providing you with a seamless digital purchasing experience. Enjoy fast, secure, and convenient delivery of your eBooks, audio books, donations, and gift certificates.

How do you spend the money that you raise?

The Common Good Union spends the money raised in the following ways:

  • Program and services: delivering the organization's mission and serving its beneficiaries, such as funding educational programs, health services, or environmental conservation efforts.
  • Operations: covering the organization's day-to-day expenses, such as rent, utilities, and salaries for staff members.
  • Fundraising: covering the costs of fundraising activities and initiatives, such as direct mail campaigns, events, and grant applications.
  • Marketing and outreach: raising awareness about CGU and our mission through advertising, social media, and public relations.
  • Reserve or emergency fund: setting aside funds for unexpected events or emergencies.
  • Capital expenditures: funding major investments in infrastructure or equipment needed to fulfill the our mission.
  • Grants to other organizations: distributing funds to other nonprofits or community groups that align with the our mission.

The exact breakdown of how we spend our money will vary year to year and depends on our financial situation. As required by law, we publicly disclose our financial information and how we spend funds entrusted in us.

What is your mission?

CGU’s mission is to promote a sustainable and equitable world for all, by addressing the interconnected issues affecting people and the environment globally. Through a comprehensive and collaborative approach, we work to alleviate poverty, advance justice, and protect the planet by supporting multiple causes, partnering with diverse communities and organizations, and raising awareness and providing resources to drive lasting change.